Legends by Lantern Light Tours


What should I bring on the tour?

Nights can be chilly. Even in the summer a jacket is recommended. A flashlight is not necessary but some people are more comfortable with one. Also, mosquitoes can be out, so wear long sleeves or bring your bug spray.


How far do we walk?

The tour is a very short distance, but there are not many places to sit down. The entire distance is only a few blocks.  Special arrangements can be made in advance for people who cannot walk for a private tour.


How long is the tour?

Tours last about an hour and a half.


Is the guide dressed up?

He dresses circa 1850.


Do we get to go into any of the historical sites?

Although most of the sites are private, two sites are open year round. Your tour will visit two that you can enter, including the St. James Hotel.  A third, the Old Mill Museum, is open seasonally and can be toured during the day for a minimal fee.


Is there information on the St. James Hotel and the ghosts?

The tour ends with some of the history of the St. James Hotel and a few of its ghost stories.


Can we schedule a tour on a different day or time?

Please contact us to check availability. Sorry, no Sunday tours.


Does Jared ever speak to groups?

Yes. We are happy to offer speaking engagements as travel allows. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Where can I stay in Cimarron?

For more information, visit the Cimarron Chamber of Commerce website.